WTM — Welcome to monitoring

WTM — complex system of monitoring transport and control of fuel on the basis of high-precision flowmeters and advanced cloud technologies.

Why is WTM unique?

  • cloud technology — is the service, which is available in every corner of the world with an access to the Internet, on any device, with any operating system
  • data-protection - we have created invulnerable data protection. You control an access to the information and access permission of your staff as you feel comfortable
  • multilingual system - each employee can work in their native language
  • system flexibility — the service is fully customizable to meet your needs. Nothing extra. Only useful functions

Install WTM and you will be able to:

  • control transport routes
  • monitor geofences
  • detect and prevent the misuse (theft) of fuel
  • keep accounting of fuel for each vehicle
  • get automatically generated reports on your email and much more.

WTM product constantly improved and refined, we can consider any requests to expand the functionality depending on customer requirements.

Mapping reports

Table reports

Text reports

Graphical reports

Online movement


Covered area and route report

Downtime information